March 1, 2 & 3 2013



Convention Centre, Mayfair Hotels & Resorts, Bhubaneswar

Orthopaedics as a speciality is like being in the army. The General leads and no questions are asked.


In an attempt to encourage maximum interaction and fellowship, IGOF has prepared a novel programme for March 1,2,3 - 2013 at Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Each seminar will feature unique programmes to ensure dialogue, discussion and argument. This is the only way we can progress as clinicians by asking and answering questions.


This conference features The Great Debate, Meet the Masters and The Grand Orthopaedic Quiz. We will also award the Mohandas - Weller Gold Medal Award to the most promising Young Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Join us on 1,2,3 March 2013 at Bhubaneswar, Orissa for this path breaking feast of Trauma, Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement.


Thanking You.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Prithvi Mohandas
Secretary - IGOF.


Download IGOF Odisha Course on Trauma and Joint Replacements Programme Details.




Dr. C.P.Das
Dr. Debabrata Padhy
Dr. Nirmal Mohapatra
Prof. Dr. Otmar Trentz

Prof. Dr. Pol Rommens
Dr. Prithvi Mohandas
Prof. Rainer Neugebauer
Dr. Ram Chidambaram

Dr. Ram Prasad
Dr. P. K. Sahoo
Dr. Sanjeev Patnaik
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Holz




Prof. N. K.Agarwal
Dr. Basanta Behera
Prof. B. K. Behera.
Dr. Bipin K Mohapatra
Dr. Biswajit Sahoo
Prof. B. K. Das
Prof. J. B. Dash
Prof. Jaganath Sahu
Prof. N. C. Mahakud
Dr. K. C. Mishra

Prof. R. C. Mohanty
Prof. M. R. Mohapatra
Dr. R. N. Mohapatra
Dr. Paresh Patnaik
Prof. K. M.Pathi
Prof. D. C. Patnaik
Prof. G. S. Patnaik
Prof. Rabi Jee
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Mishra
Dr. Sandeep Biswal

Dr. Sanjay Das
Dr. Smarajit Patnaik
Dr. Srikant Debata
Dr. Sunil Das
Dr. Tanmay Mohanty
Prof. Uday Mishra