IGOF masters course on trauma and Joint replacement surgery, September 2012, Bhopal


Dear Sir (Dr. Prithvi Mohandas),
I feel immense pleasure to thank you and write about the experience of operating a case of DDH with shortening of limb around 4 inches at the age of 34 years. I did tissue release as you explained in the Bhopal meeting and I could implant the prosthesis ( S ROM ) and could correct the limb length and make the patient walk. The patient was walking with hand to knee gait preoperatively which was gone and patient was able to stand on his two feet and started walking for the first time in life, All credit goes to IGOF meetings which enlightens the upcoming surgeons.

I sincerely thank you for the invaluable guidance at Bhopal meeting due to which I could perform the surgery and help the patient to live his life confidently. Herewith, I have attached the clinical photographs and x-rays.


Thanks once again.


With warm regards,

Dr. Saranjeet Singh Jagdev

Associate Professor

Dept of Orthopaedics

Pramukhswami Medical College

Shree Krishna Hospital

Karamsad, Anand, Gujarat, India





Dear Prithvi
Allow me to congratulate you on the successful IGOF-Meeting. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in this very interesting meeting as a referee. The interesting topics and the perfect organization made my stay in Chennai a pleasure.


I would be delighted to participate at your next IGOF-Meeting in Chennai.


With best regards,

Dr. Dirk Albrecht

FA Chirurgie, FA Orthopädie-Unfallchirurgie, Spezielle Unfallchirurgie

Oberarzt,  Ltd.

Arzt der Sektion Sporttraumatologie und Arthroskopische Chirurgie Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Tübingen

Schnarrenbergstr. 95

72076 Tübingen



Good Morning Dr. Prithvi Mohandas,

I thank you for your commitment in teaching us. It helped us a lot to judge us where we are and what we are. We like you to extend the same in near future through IGOF. We also thank every faculty and committed people of IGOF.


Thank you

Dr.Akbar Khan



Dear Dr. Prithvi Mohandas

The Course, hospitality, ambiance were so good and really useful even for the senior orthosurgeons.


Well organized IGOF seminar this time.


Thank you again.


Sr. Asst. Prof. in Paed. Ortho. Surgery, ICH, Egmore, MMC, Chennai.



Dear Dr. Prithvi,

It’s nice to here from you. It was a wonderful program. We had good exposure to recent updates and most of all, the inspiration I got from Dr. Weller and Dr. Mohandas was speechless. Thanks for conducting such an inquisitional program, and we expect further such kind of programs from you with some more detailed elaboration for PG’s.


With best wishes your well wisher.

Dr. Bharath



Thank u doctor, for your kind request. The course was a unique one, with one learning a lot from the cases presented by doctors from Switzerland, Germany and Australia. It got us an insight into their methodology of treating cases, which was the highlight of the course. I congratulate you on organizing learning course as this. Hope u will continue to enlighten us.


Dr. Gaurav



Respected sir,

I would like to congratulate Dr Prithvi Mohandas for organizing such conference, another milestone in the series of MIOT’S HOSPITAL. I was lucky to attend IGOF’s conference 3rd time. It was a great experience to see live surgeries and direct interaction with surgeons. its my humble request to u to make available the video CD's of the conference to the delegates by charging the cost....once again thanks a lot for making excellent arrangements. May almighty bless MIOT HOSPITAL with heights of advancement in future...





Dear Dr. Prithvi,
I am from saibaba trust hospital shirdi, attended master's course (July 2010) in your hospital. The entire program was very informative. I would like to attend such programs in near future.


Dr. Nitin Bhalerao



Dear Dr. Prithiv,

I was much impressed with the master’s course. Dr. Dhillons demo was very nice. As usual Prof. Holz inspired us. Your demo the way u conducted was excellent. Thanks to Prof P.V.A.M


Paul Iyakutty





The conference was a really knowledgeable experience and added a lot to my knowledge and my clinical practice. Looking forward for similar courses in the future.
Dr Abhishek Bansal



This course was one of the better structured, informative, relevant and interactive courses I've attended in recent times. I look forward to my next visit to MIOT.

Kumar Shantunu Anand



It was well organised and very much educative.




Dr S Venkatesh Babu, MCh Ortho



The course was very good. In short, I may say I got more confidence and I could do a difficult revision hip arthroplasty last Monday. Thank you for arranging the course


Dr. John George, Prof of Ortho



Hope this finds you in best of health.


I really enjoyed coming to chennai and attending the conference.


It was very useful and lectures delivered by all faculty members were very good.
I am looking forward to attend it again.
With warm regards,






Dear Sir,
The trauma course was of immense help to me. I am looking forward for other courses in near future. I am working as a CMO, Dept of Orthopaedics in a govt. hospital. We get variety of trauma cases and they are dealt accordingly. Such course builds in more confidence.

I am interested in doing the fellowship you offer in orthopaedics. Please let me know in due course.

Thanking You,

With regards


Dr. D.Deb



Hello Sir,
I attended the Masters Course on Trauma held in September 2009. It was great experience interacting with the faculty. Great live demonstration, and of-course the food...

I am interested in attending the course on Joint Replacement Surgery. Kindly inform me timely regarding the same.

Thank You,


Dr. Prakash Vishwanath Patil
DNB (Ortho)
Nasik Maharashtra



Dear Dr. Prithvi Mohandas,
First of all I must congratulate you for the successfully conducting the IGOF "Masters Course on Trauma" held on Sept 26 and 27, 2009 at MIOT Hospitals Chennai. It was very interesting, informative and useful. I came to know about the latest trends on the subject from the foreign delegates. Above all live surgeries section was very nice. Due to this I applied for the life membership of "IGOF" on the same day. Such seminars should be held at least once in a year and I should get the prior information for the same.


With warm regards

Dr. Mahendra Singh Dahiya
Shanti Mohan Hospital
Lampur Road (Near Railway Crossing)
Bankner-Narela- Delhi-110040



Dear Dr. Prithvi,
Thank you for the kind hospitality at IGOF seminar. It was indeed nice to hear & learn from the faculties at seminar, it indeed was a superb European feast on trauma from the masters.

We in India are always looking for the best solutions in our working condition & hope to enjoy the same in subsequent seminars.

Thanking you!

Yours Truly

Dr. Milind M. Deshkar
Bhandara, Maharashtra



Dear Sir,
Very useful indeed for the theory and practice of orthopaedic surgery. Thanks for the IGOF team esp. to Prof. SSK. Marthandam and Prof. P.V.A. Mohandass.




Dear Sir,
It was very enlightening to listen to all the lecture given by Orthopaedic Surgeons who have become master in their sub-specialities. The live surgeries were equally thrilling and informative. To attend such seminars has always been and will always be a great opportunity to learn many important and new things especially for those who are still in the learning phase. A humble request would be to include practical tips and tricks wherever applicable particularly while doing difficult neglected trauma cases.

Thank you very much for the wonderful hospitality.

Long live IGOF!

Yours sincerely

Dr. Victor



Respected sir,
Congrats to MIOT Hospital for arranging so educative n informative trauma course. It was my 1st trauma course after basic course. It was a great experience and a great honor to meet a great personality Dr Mohandas personally. Tnx a lot for arranging so nice arrangements for live surgeries... hope to meet next course shortly...


Dr. Sukhwinder Singh 'Bahga'





At the outset, I can say, the fellowship program was indeed the most memorable experience of my entire career.


I was exposed to several surgeries including fracture fixations, primary joint replacement and revision joint replacements, which gave me insight regarding the modern methods prevalent in Europe. I was allowed to scrub and assist in several surgeries at Unfallklinik at Rummelsberg, which was a nice experience.


The daily meetings and discussion during surgery and rounds were fruitful, which has improved my clinical assessment and surgical performance skills. Also I have fined tuned several of my surgeries, learnt new technical tips which I can put into practice in my country.


The organization of the orthopaedic surgical unit was good. Everyone including the professor was warm and friendly and was always willing to help. Overall with the use of this fellowship training program, I have become a better surgeon and better doctor.


Thanks to IGOF for providing me this fellowship, which was a memorable and wonderful one.


Dr. P.M. Suresh Kumar

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu





Symposium was well conducted. All lectures were very good. Hospitality was good. On the whole, well conducted, excellent programme.

Dr.John George.T



Excellent programme deserves three days instead of two days.

Excellent food and very good hospitality from all peoples.

Expecting much more attendance from orthopedic surgeon’s for such excellent programme- any help from Mumbai, I will willingly do it.





Both the lectures and video demonstration various operations were excellent and informative, in the beautiful auditorium and panoramic background. People will return from here with idea of coming back again.

A big Thank You

Dr.Victory Jozy




Excellent and remarkable opportunities for Orthopaedicians and PG students to learn and see to enjoy our career.





Excellent presentation with good operative techniques demonstrated. Hope it will continue with off course good outcome in form of success rates in patients.

Dr.Attul Agarwal




It was a wonderful surgical feast with nice educate presentation on a good receptive atmosphere. Congratulation to MIOT on its 10th Anniversary





Nicely organised, little more concern in vegetarians please.





"Thank you for your kind invitation to attend "AO Advanced Trauma Symposium" held on September 21, 2008 at MIOT Hospital.

Due to the change of my address. I received this information tather late to make it for the event.


My first interaction with you has been in 1993 during a 'Spine Course' at Chennai. I was fresh, post M.S. and the over all experience and arrangements were superb. I still carry that impression and warmth in my heart. Your zeal and enthusiasm in teaching, mentoring and encouraging young Orthopaedic Surgeons has been a source of inspiration through out my career.


I took forward to meeting you again during any of the forthcoming academic meeting. Please note my current address for future communication."

Dr. S. B. Solanki





"It was indeed a privilege to attend Masters of Arthroplasty conference at Chennai. Your professionalism, discipline and personal attention to detail was amazing as also your & Mrs. Mohandass affection & warmth. It was a memorable & enjoyable interaction with the best of the best. Please accept my sincere thanks for asking me to chair the important session on Revision Knees and for moderation of the surgical session. Looking forward to see you again next year or whenever you want me to come."

Dr. Gurvinder Singh Sawhney
Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai



"I had attended IGOF conference at MIOT Chennai, which was excellent. As new comer I learned lots of new different things. Dr. Prithvi’s lecture and way of presentation was very good, Sorry I could not attend ur party, because my train on Sunday evening at 5.30 pm."

Dr. Tribhuwan
Bhopal, MP



"I enjoyed your conference. Please carry on such effort which will be beneficial to us."

Dr. Manish Dwivedi